Rockett St George is a UK based online emporium of expressive homeware with an exceptional quirky style that inspires and delights. Home to an eclectic mix of treasures which inject magic, charm and personality into interiors. Rockett St George has revitalised the interiors market by enabling customers to break free from chain store offerings and stamp personality on their homes.  The online store is a treasure trove of oddities and curiosities collected from designers and manufacturers from around the world. Founders and best friends Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, spend their time exploring for inspiration and discovering new artists, designers & products.  Their cleverly curated collections are a firm favourite of the press, interior designers and their customers.

“Decorating and shopping at car boot sales is all we did!” – Lucy St George

Paint charts, home magazines, material swatches and the latest car boot finds would be spread all over the sitting room where Lucy and Jane would be drinking wine and planning their latest re-design.  After a few years of friendship and shopping, they realised that they were both equally passionate about creating unique, glamorous, eclectic and witty living spaces.  Hours were spent browsing antique shops, flea markets and car boot sales looking for unique finds until both of them hit on the same idea at once… they should start an online shop!

Jane’s PR and photography skills combined with Lucy’s extensive retail experience proved to be an effective pairing.  Add to that a very steep technical learning curve and Rockett St George was born. www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk was launched in Sept 2007 with a small offering of home-ware and gifts. Today there are a supersonic team of 20, 4 warehouses, a collection of 3500 products plus four successful catalogues.

“When we started Rockett St George we had young children and could not commit to shop opening times.  We worked at night and in the early mornings but were still able to do the school pickup, which was so important to us both. The beauty of having an online store is that it doesn’t offer the boundaries of a physical store so we can appeal worldwide. We pride ourselves on our Customer Service and are happy to talk to customers about their décor and plans for their homes.  We will do all we can to keep customers happy and provide a great service.  In addition to this we endeavour to create an exciting RSG community through our monthly Hot List (newsletter of cherrypicked things to see, do, buy, visit, etc) Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We have regular competitions and even ask for buying suggestions to ensure that we are meeting our customers’ needs.” – Jane Rockett

Microsoft has made a short film about our story – you can watch it here.

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