Over the Christmas period, we love to get together with our friends and family for food, booze and a great party game. So whether you are looking for a drinking game to play with your friends, or a slightly tamer game for all the family to enjoy, then you’ve got to check out our list of Top 10 Xmas Party Games picked by the RSG Team! Even better, for those of you who do enjoy a drinking game, we’ve popped a bonus cocktail recipe at the bottom of this blog, for you to whip up for party night!

So, without further ado, let the games begin…

Our amazing co-founder Jane Rockett is the queen of party games! Every Christmas her family goes through a number of party games that keep the family entertained for hours! A particular favourite is the station game (basically musical chairs gone mad) and is perfect for the entire family, old or young to play.

What you’ll need:

  • Enough chairs for each family member.

The Rules:

  1. Set up enough chairs for each family member and get everyone to pick a station, for example, Kings Cross Station. Each family member should keep that station to themselves.
  2. Pick one member of the family to be the ‘Controller’ who will do the shouting (your loudest family member will work).
  3. Once everyone is seated in their chairs, the controller will shout out a random station name and the person whose station they get will need to vacate their chair and wait on the ‘platform’ for ‘all-change’. If you the controller does not guess anyone’s station then no one has to move.
  4. Once the controller’s called out a number of stations or when they feel the time is right, shout ‘all-change’! At this point, everyone needs to change seats and similar to musical chairs the controleler will need to take one chair away so that there is one less chair than people.
  5. The last person standing will be out of the game.
  6. Repeat these steps until one person is left!


A  table card game is the perfect for adults and teens our next choice is ‘Rummy’. Chosen by our lovely Photography and Marketing Junior, Tyler, the game is a whole lot of fun – made even better by the gorgeous Maison De Jeu By Christian Lacroix Playing Cards.

What you’ll need:

The Rules:

  1. Deal out seven cards to each player.
  2. Then, deal out any undealt cards face-down in the middle of the table, with the top card facing upwards in a separate pile to the face-down cards acting as the first card of the discard pile.
  3. The first player will pick a card from either the discard pile or the face-down cards pile. If the player can put some or all of his/her hand into combinations, they may do so. If not, the player must discard one card from her hand, face-up onto the discard pile, and the game moves on to the next player.
  4. The next player can either pick up the last card that the last player put down or the top card from the facing down pile. The player can then try and create a hand.
  5. Play moves clockwise until someone has a four and three combination or a flush.

Psst… Once Christmas is over you can transform your Christian Lacroix Playing Cards into a work of art! Find out how in our blog: #RSGSTYLE: HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN LACROIX PLAYING CARD PICTURE FRAME IN SIX EASY STEPS

Sophie, our wonderful Marketing Manager loves a boozy Christmas game and a family favourite at her house is the Cereal Box Game. Testing your thinking skills and your flexibility this is a hilarious game that can be just as much fun with or without a Christmas cocktail!

You will need:

  • An old cereal box
  • Scissors

The Rules:

  1. Place a cereal box on the floor and get each family to take it in turns to crouch down and pick up the box with their mouths. At all times their hands must be behind their backs with no knees touching the floor.
  2. After each round cut down the cereal box an inch at the time. Anyone who uses their hands or puts their knees on the floor is out.
  3. Keep repeating each round until you have a winner … trust us, this game is harder than it sounds!

The perfect game for adults this game was picked by our Merchandiser, Mike (who’s rocking his #movember moustache in the photo above)! A lot of fun, host your own Casino night with your friends and play Russian roulette, poker and blackjack … the perfect way to re-create the Vegas vibe at home!

What you’ll need:

  • Host Your Own Casino Night Kit
  • Money (or monopoly money works just as well!)

The Rules for Blackjack (aka 21):

  1. The dealer deals two cards to each player, placing the remaining cards in the middle face down.
  2. Keeping their cards to themselves each player is hoping for a combination that totals 21. If the player does not have cards that equal 21 they can opt to pick a card up from the middle to make up the difference. If the player goes over 21 they go bust and are out of the game.
  3. The winner is the last man left standing or the first to reach 21.

If you love Cards Against Humanity then you’ll love our After Dinner Party Games too! Picked by the fabulous Freya from our customer service team, Freya is saving the Shout Out Explicit Version After Dinner Game to play at Christmas with her family for some wine-fueled madness! But if you want to make this kid-friendly, there is a Lucky Dip Dipsticks After Dinner Game too!

What you’ll need:

The Rules…

  1. Split up your dinner party into two teams.
  2. Using a timer, one member of the team will pick out a shout out’ sticks and say the phrase on the stick. Your team will try and answer as many sticks as possible in the allotted time.
  3. Play passes on to the other team and repeats.
  4. Keep taking it in turns until all the cards are gone. Whichever team have the most cards wins!

A game that Lucy loved to play with the kids when they were little and the whole family is the Chocolate Game. Super simple this is guaranteed to have you all in hysterics!

What you’ll need:

  • Your fave choccy
  • A scarf
  • Knife and Fork
  • Dice

The Rules:

  1. Sitting around the table, each family member takes a turn at rolling the dice.
  2. Keep taking a turn until a family member rolls a 6.
  3. The family member who rolls a 6 must be blindfolded with the scarf and handed a knife and fork to consume a chocolate bar! It’s harder than it looks and gets a lot of laughs from all the family members watching!

We’ve all played Beer Pong, so meet it’s classier sister – Prosecco Pong! Our Trade Account and Customer Service Manager, Abbie, bought this game for herself and her friends and has had countless evenings of fun playing this game!

What you’ll need:

The Rules:

  1. Split your party into two teams and set up your table with six glasses either end in a triangular shape.
  2. Take it in turns to throw or bounce the pink pong balls into the opponents Processco glasses.
  3. If you get the ball in, your opponent drinks the glass of fizz.
  4. Repeat until there is a winning team … or until no-ones left standing!


The lovely Cathy works in our customer service team and she just LOVES wine! So, of course, Wine IQ is her favourite party game! Available in a Beer IQ and London IQ game also the game relies on your wine-related knowledge plus your memory!

What you’ll need:

The Rules:

  1. Split everyone up into a team.
  2. The first round will test the team’s wine knowledge and each question answered correctly will be counted as an ‘IQ’ point.
  3. After the second round will test the team’s memory with the option to take risks to score more point!
  4. After each round, the IQ points are rounded up and whoever has the highest ‘IQ’ will win!


With another Royal Wedding and Royal baby on the way, what better way to get to know the Royal family than through a game of bingo? Suzie, our fantastic Website Administrator loves the Royal Family and a game of bingo always goes down well in her household. Another game that is perfect for the entire family, Royal Bingo, features all the European royal families represented, along with some more exotic courts such as Jordan, Brunei and Malaysia. Each royal is further brought to life in the accompanying booklet, which details their personalities, foibles, gaffes and romances. Who will reign supreme?

What you’ll need:

The Rules:

  1. Keeping the master bingo card to yourself, deal out the rest of the bingo cards to all players.
  2. Randomly call out a member of the Royal Family and any player that has that member of Royalty can cover up that member on their cards.
  3. The winner is the person who has covered up all of their bingo card at the end of the game.


This one was recommended by the brilliant Victoria who works in our accounts team! Victoria recommends that you play this game with a large group, so if you’re hosting a party then this one is for you! Perfect for kids and adults alike, you don’t just have to use a satsuma for this game, why not a balloon filled with water instead?!

What you’ll need:

  • At least two satsumas
  • A lot of people!

The Rules:

  1. Split everyone at the party into two teams and have them line up in two parallel lines.
  2. The first person of each team stands at the start line with the satsuma tucked under their chin.
  3. When everyone is ready shout ‘GO!’ and have each team member pass the satsuma down the line from person to person without using arms. If the satsuma is dropped then the team must start all over again. The winning team will be the ones that are fasted to complete the course.

The Red Queen Cocktail Recipe

We came across this bad boy on Pinterest and just had to try it! With a delicious combo of gin, cranberry juice and elderflower liqueur this a dark and festive cocktail will go down a treat.

Not drinking?! We came across Seedlip recently who make non-alcoholic spirits solving the dilemma of what to drink when not drinking!

What you’ll need:

  • 100ml | 3 fl oz cranberry juice
  • 80ml | 2.7 fl oz ( ⅓ cup) Hendricks gin
  • 40ml | St Germain (Elderflower liqueur)
  • Juice of ½ lemon
  • Fresh cranberries threaded on cocktail sticks to garnish

How to make it:

  1. Fill your cocktail shaker with plenty of ice and add all the ingredients (apart from the fresh cranberries).
  2. Shake until frost forms on the shaker – about 30 seconds.
  3. Pour into chilled martini or coupe glasses and garnish with the fresh cranberries.

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