We are obsessed by great wall art. Picture walls create instant impact and communicate your personality through displaying your own curated collection of artistic treasures.

Here are our 5 top tips for making picture walls a breeze…



Don’t get wrapped up in grids, tape measures, and hammers. A relaxed gallery wall creates a casual yet connected display for one large focal point. Each frame doesn’t have to match up neatly but ensures there is still a balance between sizes. Make a point of keeping it personal. A collection of art could be made up of your own photos, drawings, and other memories: there’s no reason why a holiday pic can’t go next to a Picasso.

2. TAKE IT UP A NOTCHartdisplay4

Go big! Oversized prints always make a statement, and enhance accents of colour as well as setting the tone for the rest of your decor. If your room is fairly monochrome, a burst of colour within the art will pop even more, and simple typography prints will add a striking graphic element.

Alternatively, match your art to the room instead of contrasting it. We love how this decor has incorporated the cloud print into the colour scheme to create a brooding, dramatic display. This amazing print Cloud Play I is now available to buy at RSG and the Electric Blue Tough Girl Electronic Art Print (pictured below) is a giant modern piece of striking artwork.



Corridors and spaces around door frames are also surprisingly effective areas for making your art look incredible. We love how the art (pictured above, right) is placed to one side of the bed instead of centered. It would look really striking when illuminated by the table lamp! Leaning your prints on a shelving display is also pretty unique, especially when teamed with eclectic objects of desire! Empty wall space under your stairs is the ideal style spot for a picture wall. If you don’t have stairs then look to places that would often be left ordinary. If you’re unsure if it’s going to look good, then lay each print out on the floor before hanging to avoid disappointment! This is a foolproof way to ensure a beautiful arrangement.

Not only is the position of your artwork something that makes it unique, but the items you choose to use as art can also transform a display into something spectacular! Vintage trays, Enamel plates, Metal signs and Neon can all add something special to your wall and make it all the more interesting. We LOVE the Climbing Man (pictured below) which we first discovered at Shelley Carline’s house when we were shooting our book, Extraordinary Interiors.

4. GET CREATIVEartdisplay2.jpg

Art in the home doesn’t have to be restricted to picture frames. This Frida Kahlo piece spotted at the MOMA features a delicately framed self-portrait and a mirror, and made us rethink ways in which to display our art at home. Mirrors, wall hangings, and even lighting can definitely take part in your art display. We love the idea of incorporating neon lighting into a picture wall for a showstopping centerpiece. Our co-founder Jane Rockett framed her beautiful Christian Lacroix playing cards (read the how-to here) which make a totally unique piece of art and is really cost effective, too.



The wall behind your art display has essentially been transformed into a canvas. Why should it be a plain white? Use an area of your wall space to create a vignette that frames your oversized print or picture wall with black or bold colour for a totally unique feature. You could use wallpapers to add amazing texture and depth – get super creative and show it off!

You could even stencil your wall as part of your art display giving a totally bespoke backdrop to your walls as you control where you paint the design and in what colour. The Holy Mandala Stencil (pictured below) is a fabulous option for a more boho look and feel.


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Browse our Art Display Pinterest board for even more incredible picture walls inspo…




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