We recently fell helplessly in love with Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi’s incredible Southern Californian Horse Ranch. We’re currently lusting after anything that falls under the umbrella of Cowboy or Beach Hut for Summer and their home ticks all the right boxes.


Consisting of eight separate cabins over an expansive 26 acres, this Santa Monica Ranch has a wide scope for amazing interior design…you can see for yourself that Ellen’s passion for decor has truly paid off. Painted wooden panels, a picture wall, dark leather and antique lights adorn the Art Barn (yeah, they have an art barn!) achieving an impeccably edited but relaxed rustic style. This sumptuous wooden and leather look is carried throughout the property for a consistently cool contrast to the bright white walls and gorgeous natural light.


We love the blurring between indoors and out. The mixture of factory lamps, stone bust and antique rug (above) with the original redwood structure and open barn doors cleverly creates a warm homely atmosphere in an otherwise dim space. It looks perfect for parties – imagine it lit up by candlelight! They’ve managed to transform huge barn spaces into cosy little alcoves and the result is fabulous.


The pops of green foliage make the space feel more alive, textured throws add a comfortable touch and the consistent use of artwork adds personality and layers to each room.

We’ve curated a selection of Rockett St George products so that you can #GetTheLook for Ellen and Portia’s dreamy Mountainside home….


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