Sweet dreams are made of this…


What goes on in the bedroom tends to be a private affair. Well, mostly. Whether you’re sharing or going solo it is vitally important to love the space you’re in. Think of us as the divine intervention for a divine bedchamber. You need rich colouring, smooth bed linen and great lighting for an even greater night…

We have carefully curated this collection of deluxe bedroom items to give you a helping hand.



Scents are a given. If a good night’s sleep is what you’re after try the Kiss The Moon Bath Oils to get you into the right frame of mind for sleep and, at the same time, provide your skin with the nutrients it needs as it repairs itself overnight. They are all beautiful, but we have been totally seduced by the notes of frankincense in ‘Love’.



Sure, sleeping is important, but a beautiful boudoir has other uses. Build up layers and texture: mirror your character in your design choices. Some say not to go overboard. Removing pillows one by one can be quite the mood killer. But at RSG we are total cushion fanatics – or as some go as far to say – cushion addicts.


If you do happen to be caught in the throws of passion, you could always try elbowing your gargantuan mountain of fabrics across the floor for a scattered, carefree approach…”I’m not mad, I’m spontaneous!” Ahem. It works for some. You might want to lend a touch of glamour with the sequins and gold detailing of our woven Benni Cushion, or go striking and metallic with the Do What You Love cushion.


Revel in our seductively soft throws. Drape this Soft Knitted Throw over your bed in sophisticated shades of grey. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist).



It’s not up to us whether you prefer to be with/ sans lighting, but we do know that our Set of Six Silver Tea Lights invite a gorgeous glow into the room to enhance whatever atmosphere you see fit.



Wallpapers and paints can make or break a room. Think luxurious and go for rich colours that flatter and enhance your furniture. Let’s be honest, it helps if they flatter and enhance you, too. We are particularly fond of Abigail Ahern’s Hudson Black. We offer a gorgeous range of colours and textures in our Wallpaper and Decor department.

Shop our Home Accessories department and transform your bedroom into a haven that suits your every need and deed.


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